The cities in the UK with the most taxis are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, and Liverpool. London is by far the city with the largest number of taxis, with over 25,000 licensed taxis operating in the city. Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds each have over 5,000 licensed taxis, whilst Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, and Liverpool all have over 1,000 licensed taxis.

What are the most popular types of taxis in the UK?

The most popular type of taxis in the UK are black cabs, which are the iconic London cabs that can be found in cities throughout the country. Hackney carriages, or ‘mini cabs’, are also a popular type of taxi, which are often more affordable than black cabs. Additionally, private hire taxis, such as Uber, are becoming increasingly popular across the UK.

Are there any restrictions on using a taxi in the UK?

Yes, there are a number of restrictions on using a taxi in the UK. All drivers must be licensed by the relevant local authority and all vehicles must be inspected and meet safety standards. Additionally, some taxi drivers may not be able to pick up passengers from the street, and may only be able to pick up passengers who have pre-booked the journey. Additionally, there may be restrictions on how far a taxi can travel, or how many passengers can be in one vehicle.